As the Cage Turns (original soap opera of my pet birds)

Welcome to our new soap, “As the Cage Turns”. Today’s episode will be introducing you to our main characters and their back story so we can dive right into the first episode later today!

Tiel Manor

1.) Pudge : The matriarch of this Cage. She is quiet, but very picky. She tolerates a lot from the boys, and often has the best ideas. However, she is as aloof and cunning as anyone can be. Will she be the mastermind behind all the devious plots?

2.) Pederhead : The husband to Pudge. He is stupid, often so stupid we had to make a new term to describe his stupidity, doopid. He follows Pudge blindly into any scheme, and is hopelessly devoted to her.

3.) DABaby (DAB) : The adopted son, also known as the red headed step child. He is a co-conspirator in all of Pudge’s schemes. Are his intentions as pure as Pederhead’s, or does he have other ideas?

4.) Monster : The legitimate son of Pudge and Pederhead. He has the doopid gene from his father, and the sly cunning gene from his momma. Is he more trouble, or just in the wrong place at the right time?

5.) Mr. Bill : This interesting fella has been around the block. With a dark past, he comes to Cage with some plans. Sneaking his way to becoming pederhead’s best friend, he is also the God Father to monster and helps to raise him as his mother and father are always out.

6.) Gimpy : This less than dominate male is trying to work his way up the social pecking order. Will he succeed?

7.) Bird : This aloof man seems to want to have nothing to do with the other players in Cage, but his presence is known, needed, and sometimes contracted.

8.) Emo Keet : Also known as boy blue, he is the last of his kind left in the same house as Cage takes place in. He has a mysterious past that leads to his dejected nature, and grumpy attitude.

Keet Haven

1.) Franny : The matriarch of her brood. She is often evil, greedy, and brooding over children she cannot have. She has evil plans to take down Tiel Manor, one tiel at a time.

2.) Lemon : Franny’s right hand man, and boyfriend. He is Pederhead’s cousin, and the apple did not fall far from the tree in this family. He is just as doopid, and follows Franny blindly.

3.) Snow : He is the lovemaker of the bunch. He has a different girl everyday, and his repuration is known around Cage. Who will be his next conquest?

Lovie Hills

1.) Pippy and Pidgey : These lovebirds are sisters that had to move to separate houses because they would kill each other otherwise. Pippy is the dominate one, with a heavy relationship with Snow. Pidgey is very vocal in what she wants, but often times gets beaten to the punch. How do these two play into the goings on in Cage? Stay tuned to find out.



Not allowed to eat alone

This is what happens when my tiels are out, and I am eating.


le sigh

I really do not think I could feel any lower, or be more disappointed in myself than i can be right now. Yesterday was my portfolio defense for my master’s at the university of pennsylvania. And my portfolio was 85 pages long, with what I thought to be a great representation of who I have come to be in the program. I sat down yesterday morning, read through my entire portfolio, and reflected before I made bullet points of topics I wanted to touch on in my 5 minutes of explaining how this portfolio process went for me.

However, when I went to talk, I had not used any of my notes. I feel like I ended up complaining, ranting and venting about how difficult it was for me, personally, because of the death of my grandmother, and the negative resistance from my mother everyday. I ended up crying by the time the 5 minutes was up for two reasons. A.) I had suddenly realized who I had become, and B.) I had fucked up…BIG TIME.

I am apparently a person who uses my life experience to make excuses for my poor performance. I deflect all of my short comings into excuses that result in the “oh woe is me, you should feel sorry for me” life story. I am not going to lie, I wanted to talk about how I crumbled and fell apart last semester. It was difficult, but I wanted to talk about why I felt so strongly about the topics I chose to take up in my portfolio.

I ended up making an ass out of myself, and I am embarrassed at my performance. I had to e-mail the entire panel of professors last night, because I was the one who had the voice recorder to actually record the session of myself and 5 of my peers. In the e-mail, i professed my humiliation and apologized for my performance. I received an e-mail this morning saying in effect, “good effort”.

saying, “good effort” to someone is like watching your favorite professional sports team blow the championship. Am i to assume that i performed that horribly? I feel like i did.


My flock and I have questions…

1.) Why do you have birds, or how did you get started with birds?

2.) Tell me about your birdies.

3.) Do you think it takes a specific kind of person to own birds? Why?

Bird People?

I am going to confess, I found the parrot topic because I am taking a digital literacies class. I am looking at specific questions, and would like to get some feedback if you have the time. Other than that, I am following you all to see your food recipes, funny stories, and everything else. So without further ado…


My flock and I have questions…

1.) Why do you have birds, or how did you get started with birds?

2.) Tell me about your birdies.

3.) Do you think it takes a specific kind of person to own birds? Why?

Reader Squee: I said, “No pictures!”



I love my birds, as many people know…i am a bird brain by choice. Every so often I can convince my husband to let an egg hatch. We do NOTHING, they get busy, they sit on the egg, they feed it etc. Well Daddy peephead is on the left, Momma Pudge is on the right, and featuring today…the middle BABY MONSTER!



I need more information on the following topics…

inquiry-based pedagogy

power struggles in education and the classroom (particularly, what is power in education, and what is power in the classroom?)


I was born in exactly 5 hours, 26 years ago (the current time is 9:28 PM EST). What have I done? Am i proud of myself?

I don’t know. I feel empty inside.

You know…

I know everyone complains, and bitches, but why can’t I catch a fucking break? I am putting myself through grad school (which if you’ve been is pain enough), my car broke down, Nan died, mom won’t get off my back about part time jobs, and to top it off I got my 10th rejection for a teaching position. -sigh deeply-

I will tackle each of these in list fashion.

1.) Grad School

It’s not that going to grad school made me hate school, or my profession. It is the mission behind this school that makes me dislike it. White Privilege and Social Justice. I get the social justice part, and it is immensely important. My students need to be aware of social constructs that are beating them down, and how they can deal with it. But white privilege? Ok I am white, and i am by NO WAY privileged. Everything I have I have earned. I get the premise behind it, that the color of my skin in power structures in our society give me opportunities others do not have, which is why we teach social justice. I think I have a problem with the term being so bold. Why not SES privliege? That is what this is really all about. Either way, I am struggling with staying on track, keeping focused, and understanding why I did this in the first place. Suddenly, I feel like I was never meant to teach, or that I won’t be good enough.

2.) Leads me to “my 10th rejection”.

I have applied to 57 teaching positions in two states. I have only received 10 rejections, the others did not even bother to reply. This has been in the last two years. But what really gets me is this latest rejection. I had a phone interview, and it went really really well. Then, I don’t make it to the next stage of the interview? I feel like this is a sign from above, that I am not suppose to teach or something. I think that maybe the fact that I just got rejected is really getting to me.

3.) My car

I have some strange thing against my husband because he crashed two cars, and gets new ones. My mother helps him out with everything. Yet, I bought this car myself, insured it myself, and seven years later…it is starting to die. I have a cracked head gasket, and it is bi-polar and starts some days and doesnt on others. Then I am told to get another beat up car, when here my husband gets two fairly new cars. It’s not fair. I feel like I have paid my dues. Why can’t I get a fairly new car? Why do I have to wait until I get my first career job, when my husband didn’t? Maybe this is that white privilege thing speaking, and i did not even realize.

4.) Nan

My heart and soul aches for just one more hug. I don’t regret anything. I just miss her. She was my rock. I went to her with all of my problems, and even if she didn’t understand anything I said, it was her and who she was that comforted me. With her not being here anymore, my anxiety is through the roof. EVERYTHING sets me off. I cannot seem to distract myself long enough to forget it. It just hurts so bad. I need her, I need to see her, I need to talk to her, I want to see her.

and 5 would be my mother, and quite frankly…I don’t want to talk about her. -sigh-

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