As the Cage Turns (original soap opera of my pet birds)

Welcome to our new soap, “As the Cage Turns”. Today’s episode will be introducing you to our main characters and their back story so we can dive right into the first episode later today!

Tiel Manor

1.) Pudge : The matriarch of this Cage. She is quiet, but very picky. She tolerates a lot from the boys, and often has the best ideas. However, she is as aloof and cunning as anyone can be. Will she be the mastermind behind all the devious plots?

2.) Pederhead : The husband to Pudge. He is stupid, often so stupid we had to make a new term to describe his stupidity, doopid. He follows Pudge blindly into any scheme, and is hopelessly devoted to her.

3.) DABaby (DAB) : The adopted son, also known as the red headed step child. He is a co-conspirator in all of Pudge’s schemes. Are his intentions as pure as Pederhead’s, or does he have other ideas?

4.) Monster : The legitimate son of Pudge and Pederhead. He has the doopid gene from his father, and the sly cunning gene from his momma. Is he more trouble, or just in the wrong place at the right time?

5.) Mr. Bill : This interesting fella has been around the block. With a dark past, he comes to Cage with some plans. Sneaking his way to becoming pederhead’s best friend, he is also the God Father to monster and helps to raise him as his mother and father are always out.

6.) Gimpy : This less than dominate male is trying to work his way up the social pecking order. Will he succeed?

7.) Bird : This aloof man seems to want to have nothing to do with the other players in Cage, but his presence is known, needed, and sometimes contracted.

8.) Emo Keet : Also known as boy blue, he is the last of his kind left in the same house as Cage takes place in. He has a mysterious past that leads to his dejected nature, and grumpy attitude.

Keet Haven

1.) Franny : The matriarch of her brood. She is often evil, greedy, and brooding over children she cannot have. She has evil plans to take down Tiel Manor, one tiel at a time.

2.) Lemon : Franny’s right hand man, and boyfriend. He is Pederhead’s cousin, and the apple did not fall far from the tree in this family. He is just as doopid, and follows Franny blindly.

3.) Snow : He is the lovemaker of the bunch. He has a different girl everyday, and his repuration is known around Cage. Who will be his next conquest?

Lovie Hills

1.) Pippy and Pidgey : These lovebirds are sisters that had to move to separate houses because they would kill each other otherwise. Pippy is the dominate one, with a heavy relationship with Snow. Pidgey is very vocal in what she wants, but often times gets beaten to the punch. How do these two play into the goings on in Cage? Stay tuned to find out.



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